A Preface

As I sat and tried to churn out my first post on this new blog, I endeavored to skip over the “What I’ve Been Up to and How My Life is Now Compared to a Year Ago” entry. Partly because it seemed hokey and indulgent, also because there are minimal blanks to fill in.

That said, after many hours/days/weeks/months of attempting this method and writing ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING, I have determined that it is necessary to provide this info. My bitching requires context.

My Life in Four Points:

Friends: See where I am there? The pink dot, in relation to any/all of my friends, blue dots? Unacceptable.

Romance: Yeah.

Job: My career path can be best summed up in this semi-mathematical statement*:

Future: In 2013, I will be getting the helllllllllllllllllll out of here. Destination?


1.) Take a look at the Friend map.

2.) I hear there is awesome music, kazillions of food trucks and men with beards there.

3.) Food trucks and men with beards.

Didn’t you miss us?!

*If I actually knew how to write an equation, this entire point would be rendered moot.