Goodnight Election

I asked Erin how to discuss my election addiction publicly. Because my dirty, nasty election addiction and the emotions related to its culmination are weighing on me. She consoled me and suggested it’s okay to just tell you guys about my “throbbing election erection. Rubbed off by millions of Twitter feeds. There’s nothing gross about that. Perfectly natural!”

Thank god for friends who understand.

So yeah. There it is. I have a lot of confused feelings right now. In order to get some closure, I made a little something in the spirit of the touching children’s classic, Goodnight Moon. I will miss you all.

…Goodnight election
Goodnight goon

Goodnight man shaking hands with goon

Goodnight binders

And silver spoon

Goodnight Lehrer

Goodnight chair

Goodnight kittens
And goodnight Mittens

Goodnight Jeep

And goodnight creep

Goodnight puppet show

And goodnight Ohio

Goodnight tan

And goodnight Ann

Goodnight chump

Goodnight train

And goodnight to the old man
crying “Bain”

Goodnight taxes

Goodnight hitter

Goodnight Twitter


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