Ben What

For anyone who’s wondering, we livin’ in Austin now (more on this later). Specifically, we reside near a very complex tangle of highways and interstates and frontage roads. The road we are forced to use the most so far is called Ben White Blvd.

As an avid Parks & Rec fan (I would happily give up all my friends to join the Parks & Rec crew), when I hear the name “Ben White” what I really hear is “Ben Wyatt”.

Who is Ben Wyatt? He’s this guy.tumblr_lrw28o3gvv1qa378ao1_500

So life for the past seven days has gone something like this:

“How do we get to the Sam’s Club?”

“Take Ben White to-“

Ben Wyatt

This guy.

“Where’s the nearest drug store?”

“Ben White and-“

This guy.

This guy.

“Which road takes us to the airport?”

“Just go Ben White to-“

This guy.

This guy.

This flawed connection is relentless and uncontrollable in my sad little brain. Adam Scott is this man’s real name. He’s from California and has nothing to do with Texas. But for me, he is now and will remain the face of Austin.

Just keepin Austin weird in my own weird little way.


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